Allergy Advice

Allergy Advice

Notice on allergens. Under EU regulations being enforced from 13th December 2014, I am now required to highlight allergens that are in the cakes I produce.



Vanilla contain: Wheat, Egg, buttermilk,Vanilla

Belguin Chocolate:Wheat, Eggs, Buttermilk, Traces of Milk,Cocoa

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble:Wheat, Eggs, Buttermilk, Traces of Milk,Cocoa

Chocolate contain: Wheat, Egg, Traces of Milk, Buttermilk,Cocoa

Lemon contain: Wheat, Egg, Buttermilk,Lemon

Coffee Maderia: Wheat, Egg, Buttermilk,Coffee,Caffine

Chocolate and Irish cream: Wheat, Egg, Alcohol, Buttermilk, Milk

Chocolate, Ameretto and Cherry: Wheat, Egg, Alcohol, Sulphur dioxide, Buttermilk,Cherries

Coconut and lime: Wheat, Eggs, Coconut, Buttermilk,Coconut,Lime

Honey and Coconut: Wheat, Eggs, Coconut, Honey, Buttermilk,Coconut

Banoffee: Wheat, Eggs, Buttermilk,Banana Essence,Toffee Sauce,Cocoa,Traces of Milk 

Mocha Chocca fruit:Wheat, Eggs, Coffee, Sulphur dioxide, Buttermilk,Cocoa,Traces of Milk

Chocolate Orange Marble: Wheat, Eggs, Traces of milk, Sulphur dioxide, Buttermilk,Cocoa,Traces of Milk

Fruit contain: Wheat, Egg, Almond, Sulphur Dioxide, Buttermilk,Alcohol

Madeira and Nutella contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk ,Nuts,Sugar,Palm oil,Hazelnuts,Cocoa,Milk,Soya,Vanillin

Apple and Cinnamon contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk,Cinnamon,Apple

Mint Choc Chip contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk,Mint,Traces of Milk

Cranberry and Chocolate Orange contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk,Traces of Milk,Orange,Cranberries

Plum and Vanilla contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk,Sulphur Dioxide,Plums

Butterscotch and Caramel contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk, Caramel,Butterscotch

Coconut with Mango and Pineapple contains: Wheat,Egg,Buttermilk,Coconut,Sulphur Dioxide


Buttercream and fillings

All Buttercream: Milk

Chocolate Ganache: Soya,Milk,E435,E322,E412,E410,E160a

Royal Icing contains: Wheat Starch, Egg

Models contain: Egg, Traces of nut

Modelling Chocolate: Milk, Soya, Sulphites, Traces of nut.

Marzipan contain: Almond

Lemon Curd: Eggs


Fondant Icing

May contain traces of nuts.

All products will have a label showing which allergens are in the product.

Please be aware there may be traces of nuts in any of the products listed.

Please ask about any external decorations that are not listed above.

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